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For Immediate Release
Contact: Ellen McAlister
T: 800.242.8992
H.Studio Presents SteelLIFE, a Collection of Large Scale Steel and Acrylic Sculptures

HStudio is a full service design and fabrication operation, including acrylic and steel, digital modeling, casting, woodworking, upholstering, and lighting. SteelLife is the essence of this work translated into large scale indoor and outdoor sculptures. These vibrant sculptures are created to enrich commercial and residential developments, hotels, resorts, casinos, restaurants, theaters, parks, hospitals, and private collections.

Solar powered lighting components are available for larger outdoor sculptures incorporating long-life LEDs, internal water pumps, hydraulic or other electrical applications. These large sculptures are made to be freestanding and self illuminating!

HStudio is a full service design and fabrication operation, including acrylic and steel fabrication, CAD and 3D modeling, resin casting, woodworking, and painting. With HStudio’s established production of the finest acrylic products, the transition into production of large scale sculptures required a truly exceptional steel fabricator who would understand the vision and have the capabilities to bring them into reality. Maya Steel Fabrication is that crucial piece to the puzzle. Their ability to handle the largest jobs and translate the vision of the artist makes them the perfect partner to create the SteelLife collection.

To view images of the SteelLIFE collection, click here.

Please call us at 800.242.8992 or visit www.hstudio.com to view our complete collection.

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