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For Immediate Release
Contact: Ellen McAlister
T: 800.242.8992

HStudio Incorporated into Finalist's Design for El Cortez Hotel Suites

HStudio supports Patrick Peel and Michael Thieme as they develop a design for the Design-a-Suite Downtown Competition, sponsored by the El Cortez Hotel & Casino and Las Vegas Design Center at World Market Center. The purpose of the competition was to design a clear and creative suite for the El Cortez hotel tower using materials from the Las Vegas World Market. Patrick and Michael were selected as finalists, incorporating HStudio's Moon Chair with Swarovski crystals, Groove Sofa, and Adriano Console Table as main components to bring their design to life. The final winner of the competition will have the opportunity to remodel the remaining suites.

You can see their designs with our featured pieces at http://www.designasuitedowntown.com/finalists.html

ABOUT HSTUDIO –At HStudio, we're always striving to find original directions, sophisticated styles, and create fresh new classics. Founded in 1991 by the artist Shlomi Haziza, HStudio brings a unique and contemporary approach to design, specializing in developing new techniques, creating custom designs, and working with our customers to offer truly exceptional pieces made by hand in our Los Angeles studio.

To view the complete HStudio Collection visit us at www.hstudio.com or call 1.800.242.8992 for additional information.

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