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For Immediate Release
Contact: Ellen McAlister
T: 800.242.8992

H1 Gallery To Host ART48LA 2009 - A Group Art Show, Juried Exhibititon, and Auction

More than thirty national and international artists are have been selected to participate in ART48LA, a group art show and auction, May 9-10, 2009, at the H1 Gallery.

Join us and featured artists: Arina Sleutsker | Ashley Ragovin | Betty Evans | Chen Levi | Christy Rogers | Dalia Hay-Acco | Dawn Fisher | Glitz and Grime | Gustavo Santana | Isaac Leventer | Katy Parks Wilson | Kelly Louise Jackson | Longina Ben-Shmuel | Magal Nagar Naama O. Pozniak | Nadia Morgan | Orly Ofry Ruben | Professor Ron Picco | Rebecca Setareh | Ric Taylor | Roni Cohen |  Sharon Lenger | Shlomi Haziza | Sonia Gold | Taly Bar | Tiffany Williams | Tim Sabatino | Tomer Peretz | Tony Galindo | Valerie Volynsky | Wanda Decca     

May 9th & Sunday May 10th, 2009

Saturday Hours: 10am to 11pm | Artist's Reception Beginning At 5pm

The H1 Gallery is located at 8421 Lankershim Blvd., Sun Valley, CA 91352 at the corner of Roscoe and Lankershim. Conveniently located off the 5 and 170 highways, just five minutes from the North Hollywood arts district.

The H1 Haziza Gallery is a 30,000 square foot event, filming, and exhibit space. Please call us at 800.242.8992 to learn more about Haziza or visit www.haziza.com to view our complete collection of stunning acrylic sculptures, pedestals, furniture, waterfalls, lighting, rugs and more
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